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10 Top Trends Driving the Future of Marketing

Marketing is a constant evolution of change. Every year businesses of all sizes make predictions about new trends and even gamble at what products will sell, how they’ll sell, and what the future may hold. Naturally, once again, marketers are hard at work predicting what the next big marketing trends will be.

Marketing Trends

  1. Customers will continue to demand more transparency from companies about the brand name products they sell.
  2. Advertising designed for mobile products will take center stage as more customers use mobile devices like wearable electronics, tablets, smartphones and cell phones.
  3. Customers will generate their own online content discussing brands using blogs, online reviews and social media sites.
  4. Less advertising will be focused on millennials as the new generation of young people makes its appearance.
  5. Much of the future marketing campaigns will be designed around input from brand advocates and loyal customers who are happy with services or products.
  6. Marketers will come to accept that social networking is the wave of the future. Most likely, the majority of brands will convert much of their marketing campaigns to take advantage of social channels.
  7. Online content will continue to remain popular with a distinctive increase in the need for more visual content.
  8. In the future, top brand services will evolve to work more like product companies that constantly create new innovative ideas. Customers will be expecting to receive more value to remain loyal to various brand names.
  9. Currently, judging whether a campaign is successful can be somewhat awkward and in some cases unreliable. Today, many marketers rely on tweets, shares and likes to determine how effective their marketing strategy has been. To improve metrics, we will undoubtedly see more applications and improved analytical tools to measure success.
  10. The methods for marketing will change substantially. Data-driven marketing that relies on relationship-building will be used prominently down the road. On the other hand, intrusive marketing will fall by the wayside.

Changing marketing approaches and tactics are inevitable. In spite of this, these new marketing trends look challenging and offer a great deal of more customer input, which just makes sense.