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10 Ways Digital Marketing Beats Traditional

Digital marketing is leveling the playing field for new startups, small businesses and even one-person operations. Though it doesn’t replace traditional print advertising, it has become the go-to strategy for successful marketers and business owners.

Here are 10 ways digital marketing is beating traditional methods.

1. It’s no longer about size. With an attractive, easy-to-navigate website, helpful information and great customer service, a small business can win the loyalty of its target audience. You and your bigger competitors both have the same opportunities.

2. Low-cost marketing. Email and inexpensive, but targeted, pay-per-click ads get more attention and brand recognition than costly newspaper, Yellow Pages, radio and television ads.

3. Know quickly if your ad is working. You can see in real time whether or not people are responding to your ad. As it happens, you can check the number of visitors to your website, what times people are buying and how offers are converting.

4. See the numbers. Google Analytics will show you exactly how many viewers stay or leave. Email marketing providers let you track who opens, reads and clicks through your emails.

5. Tweak on the fly. Because you get marketing data as it happens, you can make changes to your ad campaign quickly. Alterations are cheap and quick to implement.

6. Increase brand recognition. Your website and social media channels let you spread the word consistently about your brand. Prospects learn to recognize it and look for it.

7. Get customers around the globe. Your marketing efforts are accessible around the world to anyone with internet access.

8. Go viral! With the magic of social media shares, your ad, video, blog or other content can be shared with millions. That doesn’t happen with a local flyer or newspaper ad.

9. Not pushy. Potential customers hate telemarketing phone calls. They throw away most ads that come in the mail. But with tailored marketing ability, your online efforts reach people who are eagerly searching for your information and products.

10. Interact effortlessly. With a simple call to action, you can encourage prospects to visit your website, sign up for your email list, write a review or buy your product.