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Author Archives: Sydney Choi

Strategies Behind Social Media Marketing Posts

With the touch of a button, you can make a post about anything, from anywhere, at any time. Though social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter originated as ways for individuals to interact with other individuals, social media has become so integrated into our daily lives that we look to apps to recommend restaurants, services, […]

How Live Video Can Give You a Leg up in Social Media Marketing

Today’s consumer is interested in finding products and services that are relatable and consider the consumer’s well-being. As social media marketing advances quickly, businesses are tasked with creating their online presence to appeal to the everyday consumer. With the recent spark of live video applications, businesses are given a variety of ways to advertise to […]

The Climate of Social Media Marketing

The context of social media marketing has quickly changed in the past year, and we are still trying to figure out how to navigate through these changes in an effective way. Many of the challenges we face in social media involve the recent popularity of fake news and its infiltration on our daily consumption of […]