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Digital Marketing Glossary: Know the Words to Grow Your Business

When you first start an online business, it seems like the marketing terms you encounter are a foreign language. However, studying and memorizing these terms is essential for your success. If you ever feel that you are unclear about marketing terms, don’t hesitate to research and study as much as you can.

The following are just some of the terms you should understand before starting a marketing campaign:

  • Analytics: This refers to the results of all forms of marketing, such as email, banner ads, and testing of your website’s landing page.
  • Click Through Rate: This is the percentage of people who viewed your company’s ad or email and clicked on the link to learn more.
  • Conversion Rate: This is what you are ultimately after as an online marketer. Conversion means that a visitor to your website became a qualified lead or made a purchase.
  • Customer Persona: This is a compilation of the typical demographics of your customers. You can include such things as age, gender, income, education level, and others that are even more specific.
  • Engagement: In the world of marketing, engagement means the user took an action such as liked a Facebook post, shared a blog post, or re-tweeted something on Twitter.
  • Organic Listing: An organic listing refers to search results that no one paid for to obtain their specific rank. You definitely want to show up in organic search because it means that your website is popular enough on its own without the need to pay for results.
  • Web Crawler: You may also hear this called a bot, spider, or robot. They all refer to the act of search engines crawling a website to rank it on several different factors. The higher the score, the higher the ranking in search engine results.