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How Live Video Can Give You a Leg up in Social Media Marketing

Today’s consumer is interested in finding products and services that are relatable and consider the consumer’s well-being. As social media marketing advances quickly, businesses are tasked with creating their online presence to appeal to the everyday consumer. With the recent spark of live video applications, businesses are given a variety of ways to advertise to their target audience.

Live video gives companies, for example, Twitter and Facebook, to demonstrate authenticity in both their service and their personnel. Speaking colloquially and revealing gaps in knowledge shows the human element behind online interface of their services. With this, consumers are more convinced that their products or services are reliable. The live video allows the consumer and the business to have a seemingly intimate interaction.

Although live video as a media outlet seems to only connect with current and potential clients, live videos from employees can act as a recruiting device for those who are interested in learning about the work environment of a given company.

Within the world of live video broadcasting, there are different approaches a company can take for an effective production. In some cases, a company may want to produce a random or “pop-up” video. This enhances authenticity of the live video as well as makes consumers feel like they are viewing exclusive footage as it is happening. A different approach is a regularly scheduled live stream. This allows consumers to develop a loyalty and tune in during an expected time.

Various applications have emerged to increase the production value of live video broadcasting and allow for other elements that are not necessarily available with other outlets like Facebook’s live broadcasting via mobile device or webcam. Through different live video platforms like Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) or Twitch, you can apply technology that enhances the value of your broadcast. For example, broadcasting your computer screen live or using a higher quality camera than the one attached to your computer or mobile device.

In many cases, although live video is a great way to expand on existing types of social media marketing, it does not replace these existing outlets. As an accessory, the live video gives a more human quality to any product or service, but the product or service must also be advertised to gain a following. The live video simply adds another perspective to the complex angles of social media marketing.