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The Climate of Social Media Marketing

The context of social media marketing has quickly changed in the past year, and we are still trying to figure out how to navigate through these changes in an effective way. Many of the challenges we face in social media involve the recent popularity of fake news and its infiltration on our daily consumption of information through sites like Facebook and Google. Although these and other sites are trying to stop the spreading of fake news, we are sure that it will be a large problem with information sharing for a quite a while.

Social messaging applications are also taking over our concept of social media. Companies are opting in to this trend by buying ad space on messaging outlets like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Because of the popularity of these applications, these ad spaces give these companies the opportunity to be seen on a regular basis.

On the other side of social messaging, new developments in artificial intelligence have allowed companies to use Chatbots to interact with customers online without the need of employing personnel. When an individual has a question, they receive a response immediately, from their home. AI gives companies the opportunity to streamline customer service and increase the number of interactions in order to make their services relate to customers.

Social networks like Facebook and Instagram have recently released an element of their applications that allow users to produce live videos to their friends. Although we have not seen the live video realize its full potential, live video can be a key outlet for making a brand relevant.

Without an internet presence, it is almost impossible for new businesses and companies to gain popularity when competing with established businesses. In this social media climate, the new challenge for companies is to develop ads that are interesting enough to spark conversation on a virtual level.

Advertisement has been the key component for businesses’ success for decades, but for the first time, advancements in social media have made advertisement more accessible for both businesses and consumers. On one hand, these new modes of advertisement make it easier to gain a following for your service or product, but on the other hand, these developments mean that your business needs to have an online presence in order to be considered relevant and competitive. As technology progresses, we must adjust to meet the ever-changing standards of social media