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Why E-Mail Marketing Works and How It Can Work for You

Why E-Mail Marketing Works and How It Can Work for You

Advertising is the most important tool that you have to help customers find you, and access the service or product that you offer. Never underestimate the power of advertising, even on a limited budget, and networking with other small businesses could help increase your consumer audience while lowering advertising costs.

Reaching Mobile Customers

Since mobile customers represent a huge percentage of online purchasers, they simply can’t be overlooked in your marketing strategy. More than half of all cell phone users access their email account via their phone, so it just makes good sense to have your message there waiting for them.

Coupon Effectiveness

A national study has confirmed that at least 27% of all American online shoppers use product coupons from email messages to save on purchases. Additionally, reports that close to 65% of Internet users have printed at least one coupon from an email message sent to them.

Easy Integration

Email marketing is extremely versatile, and it’s easy to integrate with other marketing strategies. Emails can be personalized for users, and sent to a precise target audience which has been developed through other marketing strategies.

Keeps Customers Informed

A Nielsen consumer survey has discovered that 28% of all US online shoppers actually subscribe to email newsletters and campaigns from their favorite stores, in order to stay informed about new products, discounts, and upcoming promotions.

Email is Low-Cost

Especially for business marketers on a budget, email can be one of the most effective and inexpensive ways of reaching customers with your message. A huge number of people, including your target audience, can be reached for mere pennies, and there aren’t many more cost-effective strategies than that.